Welcome to the Kent Special Riding Program!

After 42 years of wonderful service, KSRP has closed. This was a difficult decision based on many factors. There will be no fall classes and the Ride-a-Thon has been cancelled. Any funds already collected for KSRP should be returned to the donors. Thank you for your support.


Welcome to the Kent Special Riding Program! Go ahead and explore what we do, where we do ithow to join the program,  or how you might be able to help. See what Ride-a-thon is all about, browse through pictures from past years, or even meet the horses that do all the heavy lifting!

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Get Involved

Although KSRP employs trained instructors and aides to oversee the program, volunteers make the difference. They will typically act as horse leaders and sidewalkers to help with balance for the student. But more importantly, they bring love, care, concern and enthusiasm to the experience for our riders. Program volunteers...
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Kent County 4H

KSRP is a member of Kent County 4-H and is part of the MSU Extension program.

Help Fund Us

While the fund-raising and events that our volunteers support keep our program operating today, we need your help in order to expand access for those students that currently have no place.
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