Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers make this program work, and without them we couldn’t do what we do. But we’re always in need of more help, and always ready to welcome in new volunteers. Program volunteers are asked to work for two hours once a week, for a six-week session. We have Spring, Summer and Fall sessions; and daytime, evening, weekday and Saturday classes are available. See our Schedule page for current dates, days and times of classes and Volunteer Trainings. You don’t need any experience to volunteer – you just have to be at least 14 years of age, and we have a few forms for you to fill out.  Closed-toe shoes are required by all volunteers!

Volunteer Training takes place 3 times per year, 1-2 weeks before each session of classes begin. It is helpful if completed forms are brought to Volunteer Training, so more time can be spent learning and practicing skills.

Taught by a certified Instructor and our Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Training is typically held on a Monday evening from 7:00-8:30 pm. The evening consists of a general explanation of a volunteer’s duties, a video with information about horse leading and sidewalking, and an explanation of how classes and volunteers are scheduled, whom to notify if a volunteer must miss a class, etc. Then the volunteers gather in the indoor arena to learn and practice skills such as grooming a horse, tacking (putting the saddle on), leading a horse and sidewalking (walking next to the rider to assist with balance or reinforce a rider’s skills). Safety concepts and practices are taught. Mounting and dismounting procedures are explained and practiced. Volunteers take turns being a leader, sidewalker and rider (if desired), to experience all aspects of a class. Riders may mount their horse from a mounting block or a ramp. The evening ends with information exchanged with our Volunteer Coordinator regarding class days and times needing volunteers, and volunteer availability. Volunteers may sign up to work as little as 2 hours once a week, or several days each week.

Summer 2017 Volunteer Training is Monday, June 19 at the barn from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

Volunteer Academy is scheduled the week before classes begin each Spring. This is a time for the volunteers to practice the skills they first learned at Volunteer Training. Volunteer Academy week is scheduled the same as a class week, but there are no riders present. Volunteers should plan to attend at their scheduled day and time. The Instructor and Aide who will be teaching that day and time will go through a simulated class with the volunteers and horses, but without the students. Volunteers are welcome to attend any of the Volunteer Academy sessions during the week, but are particularly encouraged to attend the day and time they are scheduled to volunteer. Each Instructor teaches a bit differently, so by attending the day and time they are scheduled to work, a volunteer will get used to how the Instructor and Aide for that class work together.

Important Documents & Required Volunteer Paperwork

The link below is a copy of the volunteer handbook. Feel free to go through this if you’d like to acquaint yourself with the responsibilities of a volunteer before arriving.

Volunteer Handbook

The next forms are the ones we’re required to have you fill out, sign, and turn into us before we can let you volunteer. Please print them off and fill them out ahead of time if possible.

In the 4H Welcome Letter there are three links.  The first two in the letter need to get done as soon as you can.

4H Welcome Letter

New Volunteer Application

Consent and Liability Release form

Volunteer Registration & Emergency Treatment form

Film and Photo Release form

Summer Session 2017 – Sign Up Genius:

Ready to Volunteer? Click the following link to sign up!  There is a lot of information to review on this link! We look forward to seeing you soon!


You will need to create a Sign Up Genius account but it is super easy!

Let me know if you have questions or issues!!

Angela – KSRP Volunteer Coordinator – ksrp.dreams@gmail.com – (616) 633-3616


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